In 2022, the first quarter of Fuzhou Taigene has achieved a "good start"


       In 2022, Fuzhou Taigene Industry Co., Ltd. achieved a "good start" in the first quarter.In the first quarter, the turnover performance of Fuzhou Taigene Industrial Co., Ltd. increased by 133% compared with the plan, among which the turnover of air conditioning distribution pipe increased by 109% and EPS motor turnover increased by 135%.The total turnover reached 262 million yuan, exceeding expectations of 196 million yuan.

       In order to achieve the business objectives, in terms of supplementing the manpower gap, the human resources department adopts online and offline recruitment, labor dispatch, and school-enterprise cooperation.Taigene also broke the departmental barriers, realized the way of "one party needs, assistance from all parties", support staff from various units, all personnel actively cooperate, coordinate work, support production, strive not to let the production line machines idle, to meet the needs of customers.

       In lean production, biological technicians constantly optimize the production action of production line staff, and continue to promote the automatic production of production line to improve production efficiency.

       In terms of employee incentive measures, Taigene thanked every employee who stayed to support production during the Spring Festival. In addition to normal subsidies, he set up additional special incentive funds to enhance the enthusiasm of employees, and actively carried out a series of spring welcome activities to create an atmosphere of Taigene family.

       The good results in the first quarter cannot be separated from the efforts of every employee. Taigene will continue to implement the annual plan, take the annual plan as the goal orientation, actively carry out work, improve production efficiency, pay attention to product quality, meet customer needs, and strive to achieve a greater breakthrough in 2022.