Eat with sweet and salty zongzi, to welcome the Dragon Boat Festival


       The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival varies, has the meaning of celestial worship, to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan, but also have the wish to ward off evil spirits, different local memorial ways are different, festival food is not the same.

       In order to inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese folk culture and enhance the harmonious enterprise atmosphere of Taigene, on May 30, Taigene Industry Co., Ltd. prepared a zongzi gift box for every employee to welcome the annual Dragon Boat Festival.On the morning of that day, the gift box on behalf of the heart filled with a truck, by each department to Taigene four.The on-site staff cooperated with each other, unloading and distributing at one go, and the recipients also actively cooperated, and then received their own gift box. The gift box not only contains sweet and salty zongzi, but also mung bean cake and salted duck eggs, which can experience different festival food.

       Everyone's face is filled with the joy of the festival, can not help but sigh, the Dragon Boat Festival is not only a day to commemorate the tradition, but also a day to bring warmth and care to Taigene.