In 2022,Taigene Caring for Children 's Growth Tour


       In order to enhance the happiness of workers 'family life and enhance the cohesion of Taigene, the second "—— Children's Day" activity in 2022 came again.

       On May 29,2022, Taigene prepared children's Day gifts for the children of kindergarten and primary school workers, which all parents will receive.A total of 422 children will receive children's Day gifts from Taigene.Among them, the kindergarten children are millet LCD blackboard and color magnetic writing board, we hope that the children can graffiti and draw at will, and give full play to their imagination and creativity.Taigene prepared a thermos cup for the big friends in primary school, the children can replenish water anytime and anywhere, burst out mental power, and a globe, through a ball can know astronomy and geography, the micro world is within reach.

       The growth of children carries the hope of a family, wish all the children like a seed, brave to break through the soil, the tender green buds out of the ground, pointing to the sky.